2016 Queensland Band Champions

The Queensland Band Championships were held in October 2016 at the Redcliffe Community Centre drawing bands from around Queensland for this major event.   Because of commitments with the Qld Education Department many young brass musicians were also required to participate in a State ‘Elite’ program at the Conservatorium of Music that weekend, meaning that the youth bands had to complete their entire competition program on the one occasion, as against the senior bands who met over two days.

The Sunshine Coast Youth Band performed against bands from Brisbane where the test piece for these championships was Antarctica by Carl Wittrock  The band was successful in winning this test piece together their own choice and march.  This is the third year in a row that the band has been crowned Queensland Champions.  It the absence of their conductor, Kevin Brown, a guest conductor was invited and the band which to thank Phil Smith for conducting the band on this occasion.

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