Congratulations to SCYB at Eisteddfod 2019!

The Sunshine Coast Junior Eisteddfod has finished up for this year, but we will de back! Well done and great work to everyone who participated, and an especially big shout out all to our place winners from SCYB!

SCYB senior ensemble (1st) Liam and Manon (Duet, 1st), James, Nick & Dylan (Trio, 1st), Craig (13yrs Brass solo and Championship 1st!), Dylan (14-15yrs Brass Solo, 1st, Championship HC), Nick (14-15yrs Brass Solo 2nd), James (14-15 yrs Brass Solo HC), Tyler (13 yrs Brass Solo 2nd), Manon (18yrs &under Championship 2nd), Liam (18yrs & Under Championship HC), Ruby (18yrs & under Brass solo 2nd)

We are proud to have you all in our band and everyone performed wonderfully!!