About SCYB

The Sunshine Coast Youth Band is the first youth brass band to be established on the Sunshine Coast, providing musicians from the ages of 11 to 19 with an opportunity to be a part of a nationally competing, and locally engaging brass band. SCYB is home to both private and public school students ranging from Glasshouse to Noosa who come together once a week to learn and develop their instrumental expertise in a fun, friendly, and rewarding environment. The band welcomes new and experienced players alike, with instruments available for hire to students who do not have their own.

SCYB believes that music enhances growth in human development including social skills, motivation, and time management, as well as presenting many opportunities to show leadership and support for their peers.

The youth band plays a wide range of musical genres including: marches, hymns, traditional brass, and contemporary popular music. Every year the band puts together a program to perform at both state and national levels, along with numerous solo performance opportunities, and a number of public concerts and entetainment events.