About Us

Sunshine Coast Youth Band is the first youth brass band to be established on the Sunshine Coast. The ages of the musicians range from 11 to 19 years. These musicians are from private and public schools and some are home-schooled. The band loans some instruments to musicians who are unable to afford to purchase their own.

The young musicians come together once a week to practice and to share their common interest of brass music. Being part of a band is not only about playing music.

The band members develop both socially and musically. It is also well known that music enhances growth in human development including social skills, motivation and time management. Being part of a band helps to develop a well-rounded young adult. There are many opportunities for the older musicians to show leadership and help support their younger peers.

The band plays a wide range of musical genres including: marches, hymns, traditional brass and modern popular music. Over the past 12 months, the musicians have had the opportunity to play in numerous competitions as a band and as individual soloists representing the Sunshine Coast. This has been at both state and national levels. They have also had a number of public performances for fundraising as well as for entertaining the public.