Aim and Mission Statement

Sunshine Coast Youth Band supports young brass players of both primary and high school age. The band feels social inclusion is important for youth to help them develop into strong, healthy young adults. One of the ways, the band applies this principle is, where it can, the band lends instruments to adolescents who come from lower socioeconomic families so these youth can be given equal opportunities to participate fully in the social life of the band. The band also understands that music can be therapeutic and social inclusion can improve a family’s chance to deal with a personal crisis.

The brass band nurtures creativity by bringing like-minded adolescents together to share their talents and celebrate music in the community. Many of these musicians didn’t know each other two years ago; they now have built lasting relationships. The band has had a few newcomers join this year. It doesn’t take long for the newcomers to feel part of the band. They realise from the beginning that every instrument has a role to play in the band and the only way they are going to succeed is to work together.

Playing for the public brings the whole community together to enjoy music. Music choice and variety is important for this as there needs to be a variety to attract all ages and interests. There is nothing more satisfying for the band than to see all the toes tapping and hands clapping to the beat of the music. Promoting the youth band to other children can also encourage them to learn an instrument or find out about the band.